What you Get

 Initial Fee Includes:

  • One copy of the script and one copy of all audience parts
  • Permission to make multiple copies
  • Royalty for first performance
  • Extras!  Witty Press Releases, Costume and Props list, Cast & Audience Participation Breakdown by Act, Production Notes and…
  • Access to an experienced professional, so the production is as fun and easy for YOU as it is for your audience!!


Additional Performances:

  • A very competitively priced royalty fee is charged for each additional performance


CALL 404-797-1041 or request samples and pricing.

Copyright Reminder:

Nita Hardy’s “Killer Comedies” are intellectual property protected by copyright.
These scripts may not be performed, reproduced, copied, quoted, published or otherwise used by any means – in whole or in part – without prior written consent of the author.  Unauthorized use of these funny scripts will result in a serious butt-kicking from a humorless entertainment lawyer!