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“The Model, the Witch and the Wardrobe”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy  (A Project Runway Spoof)

Running Time:  About 1 hour

Cast:  Flexible 2 to 5  (lowest overhead: use 1 actor, 1 actress)

Audience Speaking Parts (read):  18

Optional Audience Song Groups

No set required.  Minimal props.  Some “inventive” costuming for fashion show.

Call the fashion police!  A witch costume challenge on a hit  TV show turns into a fright-fest when runway models turn up deader than last year’s Tommy Gravedigger collection.  Is it the killer designs or the curse of Calvin Clone?  Former supermodel (and very pregnant) Heidi Boom Boom hosts this fashion competition on the Bravado Network.  As Heidi says, “One day you’re hip, and the next day your zipper’s stuck”.  Fashion guru Tim Son-of-a-Gun is on pins and needles – it’s down to the underwire for the designers competing to win “Object Runway”!

Movie star Nicole Killman announces that the winner of the witch costume challenge will design her wardrobe for the sequel to “Betwitched”.  But before the needle hits the black satin, the models are discovered backstage…all skeletons!!  No, it’s not because they never eat.  The detectives from “Law & Odor: C.I.” are called in to solve the case, since the fashion show must go on!

It’s fast-paced hilarity as Heidi and ‘Criminally Intense’ Detective Guy Weird end up modeling the witch costumes.  Then Heidi goes into labor just as the killer (and the winner of the challenge) is revealed!  Don’t worry – Heidi is whisked across the hall where they’re taping “Top OB/GYN”.

Suspects and witnesses include judges Michael Korset and Tia Maria Garcia (Editor of Swell Magazine), previous winner Zack McFlair, TV psychologist Dr. Fool, Victoria Secret, Naomi Crumble, Aussie designer Dingo Smith, Lady Clairol and Paris Hellion, to name a few.  Designed to please, this play will have ’em in stitches!

Copyright © 2007 Nita Hardy All Rights Reserved