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“My Big Fat Greek Murder!”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy

Running Time: About 1 hour
Cast: Flexible 2 to 6 (lowest overhead: use 1 actor, 1 actress)
Audience Speaking Parts (read): 19
Optional Audience Song Groups
No set required.  No specialty costuming.  Only 4 props!

A popular choice.  In this funny, charming play, everyone in the world (of importance) is GREEK! Ugly Sophie Poopadopoulos is finally getting married – and her parents (Mama Nana and Poppy) have invited all the relatives to the rehearsal dinner at their restaurant, The Bleating Goat. Even movie star cousin Yanni Depp shows up to toast the bride. Unfortunately, the main course is MURDER…Greek Style! The non-Greek groom is turned to stone! Is it a curse or a blessing? The murder leaves everyone in shock. The food may get cold!

While Mama Nana and Poppy try to salvage the souvlaki, daughter Sophie locks herself in the bathroom.  Uncle Zorba, the goat-smelling detective fresh off the plane from the old country, is enlisted to solve the crime.  He employs hilariously unorthodox old world investigative techniques. Meanwhile, Aunt Moolah – realtor and professional matchmaker – gives Sophie a complete makeover and finds her a new groom.  As icing on the wedding cake, Godmother Opa Winfrey gives everyone a brand new car!
Characters include famous Greek actress Olympia Dukaka, famous Greek cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nikki Plastico, famous Greek opera singer Tia Maria Callous, famous Greek hair stylist Christophi, famous Greek designers Kate Spados and Christian Dioric, and famous Greek sheeping magnate Telly Kojackie Onassis, just to name a few. Hungry for olympic-sized laughs? Let the games begin!

Copyright © 2005 Nita Hardy –All Rights Reserved.