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“LAW & ODOR: O.P.U.”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy

Running Time:  About 1 hour

Cast:  Flexible 2 to 6  (lowest overhead: use 1 actor, 1 actress)

Audience Speaking Parts (read):  22

Optional Audience Song Groups

No set required.  No specialty costuming.  Minimal props.

This hilarious spoof of “Law & Order” finds Crisco and Slogan working the Olfactory Police Unit.  At  O.P.U. they only get cases that really stink.   Infamous celebrity ditz Venice Hellion (from the hit show “The Stupid Life”) takes a dive from her Central Park penthouse, sparking a media frenzy.  Did she fall or was she pushed? – perhaps by her sister Snooki?

Our poor little rich girl has a delicious substance on her clothing (Crisco samples some on a cracker).  Our wisecracking cops question the jet-set party crowd at the victim’s penthouse and follow some yummy leads to the Swiss Mob and contraband gourmet foods.

D.A.’s Ben Waterstone and Gabby Carbuncle get involved, much to the chagrin of their crabby boss Adam Shaft, who just wants this fancy food case off his plate!  Will those shady international characters Monterey Jackie and Frothy Pilsner spill the beans? And is Cocoa Puff Daddy headed for Sing Song Prison?

Other suspects include Justin Timberleak, Ivana Aquittal, Pops Ripple, Christina Aquavelva, Leona Sternly, Miranda Warning and Peak-a-boo Chalet.  FUN FUN FUN!

Copyright © 2004 Nita Hardy –All Rights Reserved.