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“Desperate Housekeepers”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy

Running Time:  About 1 hour

Cast:  Flexible 2 to 7  (lowest overhead: use 1 actor, 1 actress)

Audience Speaking Parts (read):  19

Optional Audience Song Groups

No set required.  Easy costuming.  Minimal props.

In this hilarious murder mystery spoof, the housewives of Hysteria Lane desperately seek the perfection of Brie Van de Cramp.  After her husband’s untimely passing, suddenly broke Brie starts a maid service called ‘Heavenly Housekeepers’.  Her business cleans up, until her super-maids start getting ‘wiped out’ in the spotless homes of her best friends!  Working mom Frizette Schizo finds her ‘heavenly housekeeper’ dead on the ironing board – permanently pressed!  Can Frizette suspect her twins and still be a good mother?  Another housekeeper is found hung up with the hang-up clothes.  And things really heat up when Susan Clumsy’s maid ends up in the dryer on ‘high cotton’!  Each colorful, manicured house seems to hold a kooky secret, but the big revelation is the identity of the killer!  Hysteria Lane residents include sexy housewife Grabby Sleaze, her lawn boy-toy John Wetlands, weird neighbor Mr. Pickle, vampy divorcee E.Z. Britt, heavenly housekeepers Marta Stewart and Betty Croaker, hunky plumber Mike Plugg and many more!

Copyright © 2005 Nita Hardy – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.