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“Comic Book Capers”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy

Running Time:  One hour

Cast:  2 to 4 (2W, 2M) – for larger casts, assign audience speaking parts to actors

Audience Speaking Parts (read):  17

Optional Audience Song Groups

No set required.  Some specialty costuming and props required.

Suffering spandex!  Our super heroes are losing their powers!  Only one comic book canine is immune.  But can Power Poodle save the world and still keep his day job?  The fur really flies in this side-splitting spoof of the super hero genre.  Stupor Man’s x-ray vision has turned x-rated!  Wonder Bra Woman’s golden lariat is limp as a wet noodle!  And The Incredible Hunk can’t get a date!  Holy hyper-space!  Villainess Venus Fly Trap has joined forces with The Platinum Peeper for world domination!  Only a second rate comic book canine is faster than a speeding mail truck – able to leap tall hydrants at a single bound!  Look!  Up in the sky!  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No!  It’s POWER POODLE!  This action-filled spoof will KA-POW your funny bone!  The cast of heros and villains includes Brat Girl, Mr. Flubber, Chatterbox, Mayor Tooty Fruitiani, nefarious jester Napkin Head and many more!  (A GREAT fundraiser for animal shelters)

Copyright 2011, Nita Hardy.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED