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“Cat on a Hot Tin Streetcar”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy

Running Time:  About 1 hour

Cast:  Flexible 2 to 6  (lowest overhead: use 1 actor, 1 actress)

Audience Speaking Parts (read):  16

Audience Song Groups

No set required.  Easy costuming.  Minimal props.

It’s Fat Daddy’s birthday party!  Blanche Boudoir and Manly Cole-Slawski fatefully lock horns again in this rolicking southern satire – only this time it’s not just madness – it’s murder!  This lovingly looney take on Tennessee Williams’ most iconic characters gathers 3 branches of the family – the Mississippi Moneygrubbers, the New Orleans Saints and Sinners, and the St. Louis Menagerie.  They are all awaiting Fat Daddy’s arrival from the Mustard and Mayo Clinic.  It’s a surprise party at every turn!  Laura Dingfield has shed her shyness and become a business tycoon!  Naggie the Cat tries to persuade hunky husband Block to put Scooter’s ghost behind him.  And Fat Daddy reveals the miracle cure for his spastic colon – turnip greens!  This popular show drips with wit, laughter and the powerful smell of verbosity!  (Nita’s personal favorite)

Copyright © 2001 Nita Hardy –All Rights Reserved.