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“Alabama Jones

and the Trailer Park of DOOM”

A Killer Comedy by Nita Hardy

Running Time:  About 1 hour
Cast:  2 to 3  (For larger cast, assign audience speaking parts to actors)
Audience Speaking Parts (read):  18
Easy Audience Song Groups
No set required.  Easy props.  Some creative costuming.

A spoof of Indiana Jones movies with a southern twist – and a twister!!  Alabama Jones, Professor at Tulane Blacktop University, is on the hunt for the original velvet Elvis painting.  Bamy’s comic quest starts off in Mistakey, Alabama where he reunites with old flame Jewel – a waitress at the IHOG (the International House of Grits).  Someone is out to kill her, but knocks off the IHOG cook by mistakey!
Jewel and “Bamy” hit the road on a whirlwind journey encountering booby traps in a haunted junkyard, singing Martians in a spaceship, a carpet of cockroaches in the Cooter Caves, and a twister that whisks them into the heart of the Trailer Park of DOOM and a cult of mysterious Bubba Worshippers!
Characters include Harley Davidson, Ima Globetrotter, weatherman Stormy Day, The Boogie Woman, Prozac the Martian Leader, Mona Lisa Marie Presley and many more!

Copyright © 2000 Nita Hardy.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.