Nita Hardy’s “Killer Comedies” crackle with witty dialogue, memorable characters, clever plotlines and sure-fire FUN!  Her hilarious spoofs are proven crowd-pleasers, having been professionally produced and honed for maximum laugh lines.  The audience parts are carefully crafted with simple, easy-to-follow directions – creating a non-intimidating and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

“Killer Comedies” are inexpensive to mount and production-ready for your theatre, restaurant, banquet hall, corporate event, private party, fundraiser – anywhere you want to produce a delightfully unique blast of an evening!

About the Format:

All “Killer Comedies” are 4 short acts totaling around one hour in length.  The plays can be paired with a 3 to 5 course meal served between acts – or performed with three short intermissions for needed costume changes.  No sets are required and most shows have easy props and costumes, so your overhead is low!

About the Casting:

“Killer Comedies” are written so that two versatile actors can easily play all the roles.  Audiences LOVE this, and are often amazed when only 2 actors come out for their bows.  HOWEVER, if you want to use more actors, you can easily split up the parts for larger casts.  For more casting options, see FAQs!

About the Audience Participation:

Each play has audience participation written into it, so that everyone has the opportunity to be a fun part of the show:

  • Speaking Parts – Depending on the play, about 18 to 22 audience members read comical character parts sprinkled throughout the show.  These are short exchanges with the actors, written very clearly, so the Speakers know exactly what to do or say, and when.
  • An Act 3 Song Group – Easy group participation with pre-written funny lyrics sung to a popular tune.  An actor leads the group in Act 3.
  • Act 4 Song Groups – Up to three groups get together between acts and write new lyrics (about characters in the show) to a popular tune.  These often hilarious (and unpredictable!) songs are then presented in Act 4.
  • The Song Groups are a lot of fun, but are OPTIONAL in most plays.  Also, you control how many singing parts you want to give out…all, just a few or none!


All audience parts are handed out before the show, except for a few Speakers with short follow-up parts, which are handed out discreetly before Act 4, since they usually wrap up the mystery and name the killer… and you want that to be a surprise!