Can I put on your plays without audience participation?

Yes.  Add more actors!  2 or 3 actors doing quick changes with costume pieces and wigs can perform the audience speaking parts!

What sets a “Killer Comedy” script apart from other comedy mystery plays available for purchase?

Very simply, the quality of the writing.  Nita Hardy is a seasoned comedy writer with many years under her belt as former Artistic Director and resident playwright at Agatha’s – A Taste of Mystery, Atlanta’s premiere comedy mystery dinner theatre.

Are “Killer Comedies” suitable for all ages?

Yes, except for small children.  Some shows have more “innuendo”, but its good clean fun.  Nita can help guide you to the right show for your needs.

What if I buy a play and need advice or have production questions?

You’re not alone!  Nita has many years of experience in the murder mystery field and will be happy to help you anytime!

Using only 2 actors will save money, but that means sometimes the actress may be playing a man, and/or the actor may be playing a woman. How do audiences react to this?

 They LOVE it!  Especially if the actors play it for real, and not for laughs.

What is the fee for a “Killer Comedy”?

Pricing varies per production.  There’s an initial fee for rights to first performance, and a very competitive per show royalty thereafter.  Contact us for pricing!

Will you write a custom “Killer Comedy” on commission for my group?

Yes!  Just call Nita to discuss the details of what you have in mind.